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CPTT - Geral - Prologo 1 - Prólogo 1 - 9.30KmTerminado
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NumGrTeam (Nat)Driver (Nat)Avg.
TimeGapPOSNumGrTeam (Nat)Driver (Nat)Avg.
572T1 João Ramos * João Ramos *73.147:37.75--1572T1 João Ramos * João Ramos *73.147:37.75--
15 Toyota Hilux Vitor Jesus --15 Toyota Hilux Vitor Jesus --
511T1 Tiago Reis Tiago Reis 69.987:58.450:20.702511T1 Tiago Reis Tiago Reis 69.987:58.450:20.70
16 Mitsubish Lancer Valter Cardoso --16 Mitsubish Lancer Valter Cardoso --
507T1 Helder Oliveira Helder Oliveira 69.108:04.510:26.763507T1 Helder Oliveira Helder Oliveira 69.108:04.510:26.76
16 Mini Paceman Pedro Lima 0:06.0616 Mini Paceman Pedro Lima 0:06.06
591T1 South Racing Pedro Ferreira 68.728:07.160:29.414591T1 South Racing Pedro Ferreira 68.728:07.160:29.41
15 Volkswagen Amaroc Pedro Ré 0:02.6515 Volkswagen Amaroc Pedro Ré 0:02.65
577T1 Nuno Madeira Nuno Madeira 68.718:07.240:29.495577T1 Nuno Madeira Nuno Madeira 68.718:07.240:29.49
16 KIA Sportage Miguel Costa 0:00.0816 KIA Sportage Miguel Costa 0:00.08
508T1 PRK Sport Rally Team Pedro Dias 67.248:17.940:40.196508T1 PRK Sport Rally Team Pedro Dias 67.248:17.940:40.19
16 Mazda CX5 Proto José Janela 0:10.7016 Mazda CX5 Proto José Janela 0:10.70
510T1 André Amaral André Amaral 65.888:28.220:50.477510T1 André Amaral André Amaral 65.888:28.220:50.47
16 Mercedes Proto Nelson Ramos 0:10.2816 Mercedes Proto Nelson Ramos 0:10.28
505T1 Miguel Casaca Miguel Casaca 64.988:35.260:57.518505T1 Miguel Casaca Miguel Casaca 64.988:35.260:57.51
16 Nissan Navara Pedro Tavares 0:07.0416 Nissan Navara Pedro Tavares 0:07.04
509T1 Sergio Vitorino Sergio Vitorino 64.618:38.211:00.469509T1 Sergio Vitorino Sergio Vitorino 64.618:38.211:00.46
15 BMW X5 CC Luis Ramalho 0:02.9515 BMW X5 CC Luis Ramalho 0:02.95
541T1 Ricardo Leal Santos Ricardo Leal Santos 64.198:41.561:03.8110541T1 Ricardo Leal Santos Ricardo Leal Santos 64.198:41.561:03.81
16 Mitsubish Lancer Joao Luz 0:03.3516 Mitsubish Lancer Joao Luz 0:03.35
517T1 Lino Carapeta Lino Carapeta 63.888:44.111:06.3611517T1 Lino Carapeta Lino Carapeta 63.888:44.111:06.36
16 Range Rover Evoc Rui Antonio 0:02.5516 Range Rover Evoc Rui Antonio 0:02.55
503T2 Isuzu Pro Racing * Rui Sousa *62.478:55.961:18.2112503T2 Isuzu Pro Racing * Rui Sousa *62.478:55.961:18.21
15 Isuzu D - Max Carlos Silva 0:11.8515 Isuzu D - Max Carlos Silva 0:11.85
544T8 Bruno Oliveira Bruno Oliveira 59.059:26.951:49.2013544T8 Bruno Oliveira Bruno Oliveira 59.059:26.951:49.20
Mazda CX5 Proto Paulo Marques 0:30.99Mazda CX5 Proto Paulo Marques 0:30.99
514T8 Cesar Sequeira Cesar Sequeira 58.869:28.831:51.0814514T8 Cesar Sequeira Cesar Sequeira 58.869:28.831:51.08
Nissan Navara Filipa Sequeira 0:01.88Nissan Navara Filipa Sequeira 0:01.88
540T8 Mario Duarte Mario Duarte 58.439:32.961:55.2115540T8 Mario Duarte Mario Duarte 58.439:32.961:55.21
Toyota RAV 4 Jose Motaco 0:04.13Toyota RAV 4 Jose Motaco 0:04.13
542T8 Avelino Reis Avelino Reis 58.159:35.781:58.0316542T8 Avelino Reis Avelino Reis 58.159:35.781:58.03
Toyota RAV 4 Jorge Lopes 0:02.82Toyota RAV 4 Jorge Lopes 0:02.82
555T1 Filipe Nascimento Filipe Nascimento 57.999:37.371:59.6217555T1 Filipe Nascimento Filipe Nascimento 57.999:37.371:59.62
16 Toyota RAV 4 Paulo Torres 0:01.5916 Toyota RAV 4 Paulo Torres 0:01.59
561T8 Luis Navarro Luis Navarro 56.139:56.432:18.6818561T8 Luis Navarro Luis Navarro 56.139:56.432:18.68
Mitsubish Pagero Pedro Colaço 0:19.06Mitsubish Pagero Pedro Colaço 0:19.06
526T8 Jorge Cardoso Jorge Cardoso 55.7610:00.472:22.7219526T8 Jorge Cardoso Jorge Cardoso 55.7610:00.472:22.72
Mazda CX5 Proto Joaquim Norte 0:04.04Mazda CX5 Proto Joaquim Norte 0:04.04
515T8 Isuzu Pro Racing Francisco Barreto 55.6210:01.952:24.2020515T8 Isuzu Pro Racing Francisco Barreto 55.6210:01.952:24.20
Nissan Navara Sergio Cerqueira 0:01.48Nissan Navara Sergio Cerqueira 0:01.48
538T8 Sebastião Dominguez Sebastião Dominguez 55.1010:07.602:29.8521538T8 Sebastião Dominguez Sebastião Dominguez 55.1010:07.602:29.85
Mitsubish Montero Bruno Sá 0:05.65Mitsubish Montero Bruno Sá 0:05.65
546T1 Jesus Navarro Jesus Navarro 53.6010:24.672:46.9222546T1 Jesus Navarro Jesus Navarro 53.6010:24.672:46.92
16 Dakar MCRae Enduro Raquel Dorado 0:17.0716 Dakar MCRae Enduro Raquel Dorado 0:17.07
599T8 Silver Fox Racing Team Filipe Videira 52.9910:31.782:54.0323599T8 Silver Fox Racing Team Filipe Videira 52.9910:31.782:54.03
Mazda CX5 Proto Pedro Santos 0:07.11Mazda CX5 Proto Pedro Santos 0:07.11
516T1 Bruno Rodrigues Bruno Rodrigues 52.9210:32.652:54.9024516T1 Bruno Rodrigues Bruno Rodrigues 52.9210:32.652:54.90
16 Mazda CX5 Proto Ricardo Claro 0:00.8716 Mazda CX5 Proto Ricardo Claro 0:00.87
527T2 Nuno Corvo Nuno Corvo 51.5410:49.583:11.8325527T2 Nuno Corvo Nuno Corvo 51.5410:49.583:11.83
13 Nissan PATHFINDER Antonio Magalhães 0:16.9313 Nissan PATHFINDER Antonio Magalhães 0:16.93
566T8 Mário Mendes Mário Mendes 49.9311:10.563:32.8126566T8 Mário Mendes Mário Mendes 49.9311:10.563:32.81
Suzuky Jimny João Reis 0:20.98Suzuky Jimny João Reis 0:20.98
551T8 Margarida Sá Margarida Sá 43.3912:51.565:13.8127551T8 Margarida Sá Margarida Sá 43.3912:51.565:13.81
Suzuky Jimny Maria João Duarte 1:41.00Suzuky Jimny Maria João Duarte 1:41.00
504T1 MRacing Portugal * Alejandro Martins *18.6030:00.0022:22.2528504T1 MRacing Portugal * Alejandro Martins *18.6030:00.0022:22.25
15 Toyota Hilux José Marques 17:08.4415 Toyota Hilux José Marques 17:08.44
525T8 Alexandre Mota Alexandre Mota 18.6030:00.0022:22.2529525T8 Alexandre Mota Alexandre Mota 18.6030:00.0022:22.25
Nissan Patrol Anibal Mendonça 0:00.00Nissan Patrol Anibal Mendonça 0:00.00
586T8 Hugo Raposo Hugo Raposo 18.6030:00.0022:22.2530586T8 Hugo Raposo Hugo Raposo 18.6030:00.0022:22.25
Nissan Navara Joel Lutas 0:00.00Nissan Navara Joel Lutas 0:00.00

1-1-110      * Bold * = Priority Driver